Hawksford will give you total peace of mind that your Singapore process papers are in efficient hands.

International businesses regularly enter into agreements governed by legislation that is foreign to the country they operate from. If the business doesn't have a registered address to accept service of process they require a process agent.

Appointing Hawksford to act as your process agent in Singapore means you can expect a cost-effective and highly-responsive service when court or service of process papers are served.

Hawksford's Singapore Process Agent service includes:

  • Fast and responsiveness handling

    We deliver our acceptance as process agent on the same day, or within 24 hours, to ensure your deal won’t be delayed. Since market conditions change constantly, we understand that delays are simply unacceptable in any transaction.

  • Cost-effective support

    We believe we understand global business like no other. We understand that there are multiple agreements to every deal, so we don’t charge an additional fee per agreement. We believe this makes Hawksford a cost-effective option for your business.

  • A relationship for the long-term

    The corporate services Hawksford offer will match every stage your business is at. Whether it’s cross-border structuring for large commercial and trading businesses, corporate finance transactions, or solutions for smaller corporates and start-ups to support growth and expansion ambitions, you need not look any further.

  • Experienced professionals

    Know that your process agent understands the role, both at the time of the appointment and during the term of your financing. We maintain tight internal controls to ensure prompt notification and response when we receive any legal documents, notices or requests to amend existing appointments. 

  • Global reach

    With offices in Europe and Asia, you can rely on Hawksford to act as your process agent as your business grows.

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Hawksford meets the needs of all types of businesses

Our services are designed to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises including start-ups and foreign companies. Our streamlined processes and our efficient use of information technology enable us to provide world-class services fast and cost effectively. Above all, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and local service which is backed by international knowledge and expertise.

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